Slowdive Fears They May Have Too Much ‘Skin In The Game’ On Their New Song

Slowdive is back, and they’ve definitely got some skin in the game. Today (July 18), the band has released “Skin In The Game,” the latest single off of their upcoming fifth album, Everything Is Alive.

On the foggy “Skin In The Game,” lead vocalist Neil Halstead delivers hazy vocals as he recounts reaching the end of a relationship, and comes to accept that what’s done is done.

“I won’t know and you won’t say it now / ‘Cause you don’t say and I will never ask,” he sings on the song’s opening verse.

According to a press release accompanying the single and album announcement, Everything Is Alive will contain psychedelic-influenced sounds. The album is dedicated to guitarist Rachel Goswell’s mother and drummer Simon Scott’s father, both of whom died in 2020

“There were some profound shifts for some of us personally,” Goswell said in a statement. “Those crossroads are reflected in the many-layered emotional tenor of Slowdive’s music; everything is alive is heavy with experience, but each note is poised, wise, and necessarily pitched to hope. Its unique alchemy subtly embodies both sadness and gratitude, groundedness and uplift.”

You can listen to “Skin In The Game” above.

Everything Is Alive is out 9/1 via Dead Oceans. Find more information here.