Sudan Archives Puts A Female Spin On Classic Rap Videos In Her New ‘Confessions’ Video

A month ago, Sudan Archives shared her genre-blending single “Confessions,” and now she has a video for the track that puts a more feminine spin on classic hip-hop music videos.

Sudan Archives says of the clip, “Confessions, a female flip on classic rap music videos — resilient women surviving in a world that seems to be falling apart & ends with its alter ego Black Vivaldi, an ode to duality. It’s about being the seduced and the seductress, it’s about God & the Devil, Yin & Yang, & about the possibility that we might have it all wrong about the two.”

Director Nathan R. Smith also says of the clip, “We wanted to showcase female excellence in a unique and dynamic way. The world these women live in is aesthetically bleak but they bring beauty to it through their positive vibe and energy. I like to think of the women in the video as the angels that Sudan references in the pre-chorus. As the world around them is not very pretty and begins to fall apart towards the end, they maintain their confidence and are completely unfazed.”

Sudan Archives says that when compared to her previous EPs, her upcoming album Athena is “more in your face, more confrontational — and that’s also how I’ve grown as an artist. I used to be a hermit who would make beats in her bedroom, but now I’m working with other writers, producers and instrumentalists, I’ve learned how to communicate. It feels like I’m almost back in church.”

Watch the “Confessions” video above.

Athena is out 11/1 via Stones Throw. Pre-order it here.