The 1975’s New Song Is Rallying Cry For Climate Activism

The 1975 sparked fan curiosity earlier today when they deleted all their social media channels, but the English band just sparked fan curiosity even more curiosity with first track off their upcoming album, Notes On A Conditional Form.

This iteration of “The 1975” follows a longstanding tradition of naming the first track off every album “The 1975.” But this iteration is immediately different from all the others that preceded it. Usually, “The 1975” has some cool ambient instrumentals and lyrics about “soft sounds” and “breathing in your hair.” But this time, it sounds like the band is using the beginning of their album to mobilize fans to fight against climate change.

The track is nearly five minutes detailing the horrors of climate change and suggesting what we can do to change it. Fuel emissions are at an alarming, unsustainable level right now, and if something does not change, the earth we live on will soon be uninhabitable. This is no time for soft sounds and breathing in hair. It’s time for action.

Over twinkling instrumentals, climate activist Greta Thurnberg asks us to listen up and act accordingly: “I ask you to please wake up and make the changes required possible. To do your best is no longer good enough. We must do the seemingly impossible.” According to Pitchfork, much of the audio comes from Thurnberg’s January 2018 speech at the World Economic Forum.

Listen to “The 1975” above.