The 1975 Gave A Charismatic Performance Of ‘I’m In Love With You’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

The 1975 just released Being Funny In A Foreign Language, and they’ve been promoting it on a much-discussed tour called At Their Very Best, where Matty Healy has been touching himself while smoking cigarettes and at times eating raw meat on his knees. Unfortunately, he did neither of those things on The 1975’s new performance of “I’m In Love With You” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, but it was still great.

The song is one of the most charismatic and buoyant on the album; it’s a whirlwind of color and wholesomeness, though it includes one of their silliest lines: “Don’t f*ck it, you muppet,” which Healy had to censor on this late-night stage. He still keeps up the energy, singing and moving with passion.

What also unexpectedly helped The 1975 promote their new record was when 25-year-old Democratic candidate Maxwell Alejandro Frost won a seat in the House Of Representatives. He’s the first Gen Z member of Congress, so, fittingly, he’s a 1975 fan. While posting excitedly about his victory, he finished a Twitter thread by declaring: “I’VE BEEN CAMPAIGNING FOR OVER A YEAR THIS IS WILD!! I’M GONNA SEE @the1975 ON THURSDAY TO CELEBRATE!!!”

Watch the band’s performance of “I’m In Love With You” above.