The 1975’s New ‘Theatrical’ And ‘Intimate’ Video Finds Matty Healy Emotionally Preparing To Meet Fans

Ahead of The 1975‘s stint as the musical guest on tonight’s Saturday Night Live episode, the band dropped a video titled “A Theatrical Performance Of An Intimate Moment.” It which finds lead singer Matty Healy wandering around NYC in a semi-sarcastic, B&W film style.

The video starts with Healy waking up in bed before he wanders into the bathroom with very minimal clothes on. After getting dressed, he rehearses how he plans to talk to the fans he encounters throughout the day. “You wanna take it? Or want me to take it?” he repeats, so he knows what to say when they want pictures, as well as how he wants to hug and smile.

“Nice to meet you,” Healy adds to himself. “I know, I’m a lot taller than people say.”

As he walks through lower Manhattan and the park, seemingly without the rest of the band, Healy is frequently stopped by young female fans looking to take selfies. After heading back, Healy works out alone and takes a smoke break.

Healy also FaceTimes with an unknown person who gives Healy advice about the SNL appearance. “All your songs work,” the voice says. “Don’t be nice,” he replies. “Just tell me what to do.” The person jokingly suggests that The 1975 should play a Coldplay song.

Towards the end, the band’s collaborator, Jack Antonoff, makes an appearance, as he and Healy discuss the differences between their short film releases.

“I feel like yours is more like Bukowski,” Antonoff tells Healy. “There’s a little bit more nihilism in yours.”

Check out The 1975’s artsy new short film above.