The Antlers Continue Their Comeback With The Relaxing ‘It Is What It Is’

After some time away, The Antlers are in the midst of a comeback. They haven’t announced a new album, but last month, they shared their first new song in six years, “Wheels Roll Home,” and now they’re back with another one. This time, it’s “It Is What It Is,” a relaxing tune that the group’s Peter Silberman says is “a song about hindsight”:

“‘It Is What It Is’ is a song about hindsight. It considers what might have changed had you handled things differently back then, and the reluctant acceptance that it’s too late for all that now. It’s the inevitability of changing seasons, transitions that feel like loss in the moment, but come to represent growth over time.”

On Election Day, the band also shared an endorsement of Joe Biden, writing on Instagram, “I’ll avoid giving a whole spiel about why T***p is so monstrous, why the Dem ticket isn’t ideal, why I think it’s okay to elect a line of best fit right now, or why voting is important — you’ve probably heard enough of that at this point. So I’ll just tell you that @joebiden and @kamalaharris strike me as competent, compassionate people who genuinely care about others. Honestly, it’s that simple for me right now. So If you value that quality in a person, I think you should vote for them. Be kind and stay safe, friends.”

Watch the “It Is What It Is” video above.