Fans Of The Walkmen Ordered Their Album On Vinyl But Got Digital Underground’s ‘Sex Packets’ Instead

The Walkmen’s 2002 breakthrough debut, Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone, turned 20 a couple of weeks ago. It doesn’t seem like that long ago since the Brooklyn band’s seminal indie rock record was released, but here we are. Feel old yet? Well… maybe you will now when you hear about the most random record exchange that happened to unsuspecting fans of The Walkmen recently.

It seems as though people who were looking to secure a piece of this indie rock nostalgia forever were in for a surprise. According to a post on The Walkmen Instagram page, people who received copies of Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone, were actually getting the right record jacket, but the record inside was a copy of Digital Underground’s 1990 weird rap classic, Sex Packets. Here’s what the statement from The Walkmen on the hilarious mix-up read:

“It’s come to our attention that several of you may have received a copy Digital Underground’s “Sex Packets” when you purchased the new vinyl version of “Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone.” Also, you should probably check if you haven’t opened the record. Like the actual record inside the Walkmen cover is the Digital Underground. Anyways, the problem has been fixed (but it was a pretty great record anyway so enjoy) so you can safely buy the album at our store now!”

Based on this message, it’s hilarious to think of how purchasers probably haven’t even opened their copy of the record to find the delightful surprise waiting for them. One of these The Walkmen/Digital Underground mix-up editions seems to become an instant collector’s item too. Either way, The Walkmen have “fixed the glitch,” but maybe Shock G was playing another wild trick from the beyond?