Here’s The Last Song The Walkmen Might Ever Play Together

Pour one out for the Walkmen, and pour seven into your mouth. The only band that truly understood what it’s like to get sad-drunk while wearing a suit recently announced their “extreme hiatus,” which is another way of saying, “We’re breaking up until the Coachella money starts rolling in.” They never commanded the attention of the rock world at large, but they were consistently excellent (if you forget about “Pussy Cats” Starring The Walkmen, that is). Bows + Arrows, You & Me, and Lisbon will never not sound good at 2 a.m. while walking home from the bar.

Last night, the Walkmen played their probably, maybe, could be final show, at Philadelphia’s Union Transfer. It was a short, sweet set, spanning 13 songs, or one song for every year they’ve been together, and ended with the one-two vintage punch of “138th Street” and “We’ve Been Had.” It’s been fun, Walkmen. See you in 2018.

(via Getty Image)