Gonzo Busting Out Digital Underground’s ‘The Humpty Dance’ Might Be The Best Muppets Mashup Yet

I don’t normally like to crown anything the best or the greatest unless I truly feel that it deserves the title. It’s why they still sell Mad Dog 20/20 at my local liquor store. That said, I find this mashup between The Muppets and hip hop music to be the best because it combines two of my favorite things from each realm.

On the one side we have Gonzo, arguably the best Muppet out there and certainly the craziest (maybe tied with The Mad Bomber). On the other side, it’s Digital Underground’s classic “The Humpty Dance.” Gonzo is a perfect stand in for Humpty Hump and he’s showing up all those other chumps we’ve seen in the past months, including that jackass Earl Sinclair from Dinosaurs and his version of “Hypnotize.”

Give me Gonzo any day of the week, including the holidays and leap days.

(Via YouTube)