Tom DeLonge Roasted A Fan’s Wild Suggestion For How Blink-182 Should Have Announced His Return

Blink-182’s iconic lineup of Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and Travis Barker is officially back and fresh off the release of a new single, “Edging.” They’re back on social media, too, and they’ve been having fun on TikTok, like in a new video in which DeLonge eviscerates a fan’s suggestion for how Blink-182 should have announced his return.

The video shows DeLonge reacting to comments on an October 3 Reddit post titled “How would you announce Tom’s return if you were blink’s social/PR manager?.” The post instructs commenters, “Try to genuinely predict and/or make up the most ridiculous method/wording they could announce that Tom is back in the band with.” DeLonge comes across a comment about unveiling the reunion at a football game and says, “Maybe a football game with the Dallas Cowboys? No! I’m not into hanging out with sex addicts,” presumably in reference to voyeurism allegations that were in the news earlier this year.



♬ EDGING – blink-182

The video then cuts to Hoppus looking at the thread and he says, “Huh! I appreciate all your thoughts and all your ideas, but uh… sadly, there is not a chance in Hell Tom DeLonge is welcome back in this band. Not happening.”

It would seem Barker had nothing to add, as he doesn’t appear in the video.

That football comment, by the way, is a wild read, so check it out below.

“10/16/22 – Sunday Night Football. Dallas Cowboys Vs Philadelphia Eagles. It’s the middle of the second quarter. Eagles are winning 7-10. The Cowboys are driving down the field but suddenly the game comes to a halt as all of the lights go out in the stadium. The lights come back on and Travis Barker is at the 50 yard line behind a drum set. He plays an epic 8 minute drum solo while Mark wheels out a cage from the stadium tunnel to the middle of the field. Who’s in the cage? Matt Skiba. Travis finishes his solo and Mark starts a speech thanking Matt for his time in blink-182, but says now he has to be sacrificed. Matt breaks out into a show tune style song begging for his life. Mark considers it, and decides he will let Matt live if they play Bored to Death good enough. The football players are all very confused at this point. Referees hand Mark and Matt their guitars and they rip through bored to death and it’s great. Mark says Matt can live and blink can operate as a 4 piece. In unison everyone in the stadium yells ‘A 4 piece?!’ And immediately after that colorful lights and lasers start flashing all over the stadium as the first chords of Dumpweed are played. Everyone looks up to the sky to see Tom parachuting down to the stadium while playing guitar. The rest of the band joins in and plays Dumpweed as Tom descents into the stadium. Matt even gets to get out of his cage. Tom lands and at the end of the song he and Mark have funny banter. Everyone in the stadium laughs. It’s classic. The new 4 piece blink-182 go on to play a 6 hour concert in the middle of the stadium. After it’s over they all get into a spaceship that says ‘BLINK-182 TOUR COMING THIS SUMMER’ on it. They blast off back to California as Travis Drum Solos from a drum set attached to the side of the spaceship. People are cheering and crying. The football players decide the game isn’t important anymore and they’re just glad everyone had fun. Everyone goes home to buy their tickets to the upcoming summer tour. The world is finally at peace. Tom is back.”