Tool’s Maynard James Keenan Shares A Short Film About Easter, His Ducks, And Spring

Fans know Maynard James Keenan as the leader of Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer. Like anybody, though, Keenan is more than his work. For example, the rocker also owns and takes care of ducks. With Easter coming up this weekend, Keenan shared a story about his ducks and used that as a launching point to discuss the connection between eggs and Easter in a new short film, “An Easter Story.”

Keenan begins the 7-minute video with a story about taking care of his ducks. One day, he noticed that one duck was missing. It was important to find the duck to keep it safe from predators. Fortunately, he did find it, in a bush tending to some eggs. From there, he explains the link between the seemingly random tradition of looking for eggs on Easter.

He also spoke eloquently about the spring season more broadly, saying, “Using the cycle of the moon as a metaphor for the lifetime of a person — and the waxing, thin sliver of light as their awakening consciousness and the formation of self, and the waning light as our elder years — then the full moon represents that fully developed self. The full light of our accomplishments and personality shining for all to see.”

Keenan concludes the video, “But in reality, this is not the person’s or the moon’s light at all. It’s the infinite light from a higher power — the sun. And we are simply reflecting that light. Which, in the instance of spring, is the bringer of life, rebirth, reproduction, resurrection, reconnection of salvation, of infinity, and of hope. Have a happy Easter.”

Watch “An Easter Story” above.