Torres’ New Song ‘Hug From A Dinosaur’ Is A Guitar-Slinging Banger

Indie rocker Torres (whose real name is Mackenzie Scott) released a new single and video from her forthcoming album, Thirstier, today. “Hug From A Dinosaur” is an eccentric headbanger juiced up on Scott’s sour intensity. Her declarations tumble out in Dali metaphors (“Clock is sinking into quicksand disappearing fast”) over careening drums-and-guitar. Basically, if there was any question about what kind of L7 fan Scott is — she’s team Suzi all the way.

The general mood of the “Hug From A Dinosaur” video is Jefferson Airplane meets Little Foot. Scott said the song title came from a dream. “The song’s theme is that truth is eternal, and it’s also about never stopping,” she said. “The song’s also about being ready to drop everything to do something essential for someone you love. In this instance, it’s bringing my girlfriend lunch so she can keep painting.”

Scott and her girlfriend, visual artist Jenna Gribbon, were recently profiled by CBS This Morning, talking about how they inspire each other’s art. Interviewer Anthony Mason was so moved by Gribbon’s work, he purchased one of her paintings of Scott, sitting scrunched up on a beige couch.

Watch the “Hug From A Dinosaur” video above.

Thirstier is out 7/30 via Merge Records. Pre-order it here.