When We Were Young Canceled Its First Day And The Emo Kids On Social Media Are Not Okay (We Promise)

Following the cancelation of the When We Were Young festival, fans took to social media to express their disappointment. While many were understanding that the cancelation was a result of inclement weather, they were also very upset to have to miss out on the festivities.

“Unfortunately, just like high school when your parents grounded you from going to warped tour. You run to your room, slam the door & throw on some My Chemical Romance & cry yourself to sleep. Today will be no different with the cancelation of day 1 of When We Were Young festival,” said one Twitter user.

“For [the] When We Were Young festival to be canceled an hour before it starts is literally so saddening especially the people that flew out and drove hours and spent so much money on the tickets and plane tickets and hotels gas just wow,” said another.

Some fans had a sense of humor about the situation, and even referred to one of My Chemical Romance’s signature songs.

“Just read that they canceled the first day of the When We Were Young festival because of strong winds. Imagine the Vegas strip tonight with a bunch of angsty emos… wow lol. An authentic Black Parade,” said another Twitter user.

My Chemical Romance themselves took to Twitter to express sympathy for fans who wanted to attend the festival today.

“we are so sorry that dangerous weather caused the show to be canceled,” they said.

The festival is still set to take place tomorrow, and next Saturday on October 29.

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