Wisp is Totally Infatuated With An Elusive Crush In Her Equally Infatuating Single ‘See You Soon’

Wisp has offered another contender for a future “All The Best Indie Music From This Week” list here at Uproxx, seeing as her “Once Then We’ll Be Free” made an early November edition. On Wednesday, January 24, the 19-year-old shoegaze artist dropped “See You Soon,” a hypnotic single capturing the relatable infatuation of an elusive crush.

“‘See You Soon’ is about being infatuated with a person and wanting to spend all of your time with them, but the resolve at the end of the song represents knowing that person will not last and the feelings on their side aren’t as passionate as yours,” Wisp said in a statement.

The song is accompanied by an official visualizer, directed by Nick Vernet and Sophia Álverez. Wisp is wandering alone by the shore, but she’d rather be somewhere else.

“I’d trade hours for minutes with you,” she sings in the opening line. As described in a press release, “‘See you soon’ reinforces Wisp’s penchant for precise maximalism. The song’s verses gather momentum deliberately with a swirl of chorus-effects and glide guitar modulation so that when the inevitable explosion hits, it’s an indelible and cathartic release of tension.”

To that point, Wisp delivers a gut punch in the outro, singing, “To fall so fast for someone who may never last.”

Listen to “See You Soon” above.