UPROXX Live Q&A With ‘Parts Unknown’ Host Anthony Bourdain

Well this should certainly be fun. After taking some time to answer a few of our questions a couple of months ago, today Anthony Bourdain will be here to answer YOUR questions.

Though he needs no introduction at this point, here’s a brief one: Bourdain is the host of CNN’s Parts Unknown, which airs Sunday nights at 9pm EST. He rose to prominence after the 2000 publication of his book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly — a rollicking, brutally honest behind-the-scenes peek into restaurant kitchens — led to him becoming the host of two Travel Channel programs, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and The Layover.

Additionally, Bourdain played a part in the last season of Archer — one of our favorite shows around here — as the “Bastard Chef,” even taking the time to review some of the meals presented on the show for us. Prior to becoming the widely beloved, disgustingly well-traveled media personality he is today, Bourdain was the executive chef at New York’s Brasserie Les Halles, and is a veteran of numerous kitchens.

Today’s discussion is scheduled to begin at 1pm EST and will go for about an hour. Please begin your questions with “@Bourdain” to keep things organized. We’ll be opening the thread up an hour ahead of time with the goal of getting to the questions in the order they are submitted. Click on “See All Responses” or Bourdain’s name in the right side module to easily access all of his answers.

And via the Instagram page of Bourdain’s social media person Helen Cho, here he is answering your questions, you guys…

(Lead pic via CNN)

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