This Visual Tour Of The ‘Best Beaches In The World’ Will Help You Power Through Winter

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The sky is pitch black when you start work. It’s pitch black when you finish work. And, the small slice of daylight sandwiched between layers of darkness can often feel goth AF. It’s not unusual in this shades of gray world to spend a considerable amount of time thinking about lying on soft sand beneath a bright blue sky as turquoise waters lap against the shore. But, if you’re going to take travel a dream and turn it into reality, you want to pick the premiere destination, right?

Well, we have some suggestions. Recently, Flight Network – a Canadian website that specializes in providing travelers worldwide with deals on all aspects of travel – released a list of The World’s 50 Best Beaches, and they did their due diligence before naming names. Over 600 of the world’s best travel writers, editors, agencies, and bloggers were consulted for insights, making it both accurate and trustworthy. Beaches were scored based on their sheer untouched beauty, remoteness, sand and water quality, annual days of sunshine, and average annual temperature. In short: They took beaches very seriously.

We’ve gathered Flight Network’s top 15 favorites and some beach porn from Instagram and put together a visual tour for you. Learn about beaches worldwide, and start looking for some flight deals, because you deserve your time in the sun. Hell, maybe try and hit all of them, then you can join a world traveler’s club.

15. Muri Beach (Cook Islands)

Muri Beach covers the full spectrum of beach activities — from the completely sloth-like to the fully active. For people whose fun in the sun skews toward adventure, it’s perfect for kite surfing, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. For others, the warm weather and water are ideal for lying on a towel under the sun or floating on your back in the sea. Each year, 150,000 people are drawn to its teal waters and white sand with good reason; it’s the definitive getaway.

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