The Last, Best ‘Super Secret’ Beaches Left In The United States


There’s a certain mythos ascribed to finding a “secret beach.” The very phrase conjures visions of The Blue Lagoon, Robinson Crusoe, and Treasure Island. It’s deeply sensual, evokes adventure, and promises silent reflection. Year after year, travelers and vagabonds scour the globe to find isolated slivers of sand. Just ask Leonardo DiCaprio — who nailed the giddy joy of arriving at his own private paradise in the movie The Beach and has a secluded resort launching in Belize later this year.

Here in the United States, secret beaches abound. This sounds absurd in a country of 300 million, but our endless stretches of coastline, rivers, and lakes afford us plenty of chances to escape the crowds and bask on the warm sand. With summer ’19 upon us, I asked Uproxx writers to share their favorite secret beaches in the country.

I hadn’t heard of most of their answers, which is an excellent sign.

Steve Bramucci, Editorial Director, UPROXX Life