A Beer Lover’s Guide To Rome

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When you think of drinking in Italy, wine always pops into your head first. Then come negronis and spritzes. Limoncello. Amaretto. Beer winds up pretty low on this list. That’s a shame. Italy is one of those places where attention to detail in food and drink is paramount to all things. The same goes for Italian breweries. The whole scene is as carefully and lovingly executed as any Chianti or Campari.

Today, we’re here to turn the tide. To start connecting Italia with great beer in the minds of backpackers and travelers.

Not surprisingly, the best gateway to the nation’s diverse scene is Rome. The Eternal City’s bar culture is already legendary and the beer spots are some of the best on earth. We don’t say that lightly. What sets the city apart is the food that always comes along with the brews. It’s impossible not to get an amazing sandwich, pizza, plate of pasta, pile of cheese, or even burger at any of these places, right alongside a seriously well-crafted beer.

The ten spots below are a sampling of how wondrous the Roman beer scene is. Take these recommendations as an introduction. Talk to beer-lovers, bartenders, and bottle shop owners and blaze your own sud-soaked path through the city. One thing’s for sure, you won’t go hungry along the way.

L’Osteria di Birra del Borgo

L’Osteria di Birra Del Borgo is one of those places that travelers dream about. It’s absolutely everything you want from a Roman culinary experience. Seriously… this place rules.

There are eight “Le Birra della Casa” or house beers on tap. These are local masterpieces which have been chosen specifically to pair with del Borgo’s amazing risottos, pizzas, sandwiches, and pastas. They also have about 13 or 14 guest beers on tap (Le Birra Ospiti) from the best of the best Europe has to offer right now. These have also been carefully curated to accent the food. Everything about the beer and food menu is so well thought out that it’ll give you a new appreciation of how food and beer can be paired, while also introducing you to the greatness of Italian craft.

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