Where You Should Eat, Sleep, And Drink In Rome This Spring

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04.03.17 2 Comments

No flowery sentences needed. This is Italy in all it’s messy, crumbling, gelato-eating, pasta-twirling glory. You want to know Italian culture? There are a lot of places to visit. But Rome must be atop the list.

€1 = $1.09

Editor’s Tip: The one Italian phrase you need to know is a simple one, “Io non parlo (bene l’Italiano) ma chi provo.” It means “I don’t speak (good Italian) but I try.” Even the truncated “Io non parlo, ma chi provo” will make a huge impact on the denizens of Rome. It’s the fact that you’re trying that’s so important and opens the door for locals to say “You’re doing great!… But let’s speak in English.” — ed


Stay in Trastevere. It’s the slightly bohemian neighborhood just over the Tiber River from all the main attractions of the ancient city. You can access everything easily with a five to ten minute tram ride or you can walk pretty much anywhere of interest within 30 minutes. Still, you don’t really have to leave Trastevere if you don’t want to. There are great street markets with all the food you’ll need. The avenues are lined with cafes, bars, restaurants, barbers, bakers, and tailors — offering that old-world feel that western visitors crave. And it’s cheap. A lunch with a bottle of wine will set you back around €20 in a restaurant, or about €5 in cafe for a sandwich and drink.

AirBnB options abound in Trastevere. It’s really your cheapest option in the area for quality and comfort. Plus you’ll be able to self-cater if money is tight. You can get an old school private room in a flat for around €40, or you can get a whole apartment for about €10 more. If you’re not down with AirBnB, expect to pay upwards of €80 a night for a hotel.

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