A Visual Tour Of NatGeo’s Favorite Travel Spots For Fall 2017

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To every season there’s a new reason to travel. Winter calls out to you with pipping hot mugs of mulled wine, ski slopes, and spiced cakes. Summer screams of outdoor adventure in the mountains and on the high seas. Springs longs for renewal and ritual as parties erupt on the streets of the world to celebrate another winter survived. And then there’s fall — it’s in the time of dying as they say. The leaves are turning and dropping. The heat of summer is dissipating with every sunrise and sunset. The air gets crisper. But it’s also a time when a few plum spots around the world are at their best for a little adventure.

National Geographic released their ten favorite spots to travel to this fall. We couldn’t pass up the chance to not only agree with their list but provide you with a visual breakdown. Below are our favorite reasons to hit these corners of the world in the coming months with a little visual temptation thrown in to seal the deal. Enjoy!



Bhutan is one of those places Led Zeppelin sang about in a rock-folk ode — it’s over the mountains and far away. It’s a country that’s isolated from the rest of the world by the craggy and pastoral eastern reaches of the Himalayas. Buddhist temples cling to cliffs with a transcendent calm. It’s a small country nestled between China and India but wholly unique. It’s also one of the first countries to become completely carbon neutral and boasts some of the most stunning vistas on planet earth.

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