These Hostels Make Perfect Stopovers For Anyone Studying Abroad This Fall

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If circumstances allow, you really should spend a year a studying abroad. We’ve talked before about how travel makes you a more open-minded and empathetic person. Given the state of politics across the whole of the western world at the moment, these are character traits that are more important than ever.

One of the biggest perks to spending a year abroad — besides the copious amounts of beer, duh — is the opportunity to explore a new corner of the world. Hitting all of central Europe would take years if you had to fly back-and-forth from the U.S. between countries. Spending a year in, say, Berlin means you’re striking distance to Amsterdam, Prague, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Munich, Vienna, Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg, and so much more.

We asked the team at Hostelworld to help us devise a list of the best hostels around –places where you’re sure to meet some new travel buddies, sip some excellent beer, and explore whatever corner of the world you find yourself in while studying abroad.

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