A Very Visual Exploration Of Berlin’s Awesomeness

04.18.16 2 years ago 9 Comments

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Berlin is a lot of cities rolled into one: West and East, the bourgeoisie and the blue collar, the hipsters and the refugees (90,000 so far) all living side-by-side-by-side. Somehow it all works. Also, Berlin is cheap. Really, really cheap.

One could argue that Berlin isn’t really all that German. It’s an outlier in the Bundesrepublik. Only 70% of Berlin’s population is German. The city boasts 25 non-indigenous communities: Turkish, Polish, Vietnamese, Iranian, Israeli, Russian, American…it goes on. With that diversity comes dynamic culture, eclectic food, and an exciting art scene that sets Berlin apart from any typical associations with classic German culture. But, don’t worry, they still have beer gardens! The water is clean. The city is green. Over 500,000 people commute to work and school every day via bicycle.

Further visual evidence of the city’s general excellence:



Zachary Johnston

Berlin is a city of parks, boasting 2,500 parks and gardens. That’s a lot. Berlin most recently converted its third airport, Tempelhof, into a massive open park. Its runways are now jogging, skating, wind-surfing lanes. Its lawns are filled with barbecues in the summer. One corner has baseball diamonds, another has dog runs, yet another has a massive public garden. In the summer, they host a music festival.

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