So You’ve Decided To Get Into Beer, Here Are Our Favorite Gateway Pints

Life Writer
10.29.16 4 Comments

Building a palate is a time consuming and wallet emptying task. It takes years of devotion to delve deep enough into any food or drink culture to fully appreciate the nuance involved. My granddad put it this way, “No one likes scotch the first time they drink it. You have to learn to love it.” And that’s usually true of a super hoppy IPA or Belgian gueuze too. You build up to them.

Since you have to start somewhere along the amber-brick road, we’ve compiled a list of “gateway beers” to help you get closer to drinking the sudsy stuff. Trying these lagers and ales will teach you about ABV (alcohol by volume) and IBU (international bittering units), taste, and form. So let us be your beer somm and help you find a beer you’ll love.

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