Artist / Baker Lexie Smith Shares Her Favorite Food Experiences In NYC

Welcome to EAT THIS CITY, your tour of the best restaurants in one of our favorite cities, as chosen by a world-class chef, celebrity, or local hero.

This week we’re in Manhattan, where artist, baker, and writer Lexie Smith is taking us on a tour of the borough’s culinary delights. Our host is a true creator — a maker of intricate breads, wooden utensils, and bold works of imagination. Her latest passion is a project called Bread on Earth — “an initiative to preserve and share bread traditions and recipes from around the world, focusing primarily on regions of conflict and marginalization.”

“It is a place for the crusade for wheat and against the demonization of gluten,” Lexi explains, “all synthesized through the conversation of bread as a universal comfort, necessity, societal linchpin and politically charged icon. It will offer an explanation of the conflict and history of the region [the bread comes from], and present still lifes featuring each of the recipes. Prints will be for sale with proceeds going to charitable organizations focused on civil liberties and human rights.”

Interested in getting involved? Sign up on Bread on Earth’s site to be notified of the upcoming launch!

Now let’s check out Lexie’s fifteen favorite food experiences in NYC!