Chef Duff Goldman Shares His Fifteen ‘Can’t Miss’ Food Experiences In Baltimore, Maryland

Welcome to EAT THIS CITY, your weekly tour of the best restaurants in one of our favorite cities, as chosen by world-class chefs.

This week, join us in Baltimore, Maryland — home of the Baltimore Book Festival, the National Aquarium, and the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum . With so much to do and see in the city, you’ll need to make certain your adventures are well fueled.

And who better to guide us on a tour of Baltimore’s culinary scene than Chef Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes. If you’re a fan of baked goods (how can you not be?), Chef Goldman is no stranger; the celebrity pastry chef starred on Food Network’s Ace of Cakes. His creations are legend for the creativity, scope, and scale — think full-scale baby elephant cakes, Hogwarts castles, and the Hubble in fondant, icing, and sponge cake.

In October, Chef Duff will be taking on a new challenge. He’s hosting Food Network’s Worst Bakers in America, a spinoff of Worst Cooks in America. We’ll have to tune in to see if his proteges will learn to wield blowtorches and belt sanders alongside whisks and whipped cream dispensers.

Don’t believe our Chef Duff hyperbole, check these out:

Charmed? Now let’s check out Chef Goldman’s fifteen can’t miss food experiences in Charm City!



Come for the classic East Coast brick oven pizza, stay for the people watching. BOP has massive windows looking out onto the main stretch of South Broadway Street that goes through middle of historic Fells Point. Also got to give it up to any restaurant that has both Coke and Pepsi fountain soda on tap.


Tortilleria Sinaloa

House made tortillas in Baltimore. ‘Nuff said.


Nam Kang Korean

Baltimore has an underestimated Koreatown in lower Charles Village between 22nd and North Ave. From stone pots to Korean BBQ, they’ve got you covered. Open late, for after those late nights at The Crown.


Summertime Baltimore Sno-Cones

Every summer in Baltimore, kids skip the lemonade stand and head straight for the snowballs. A variation on flavored ice, snowball stands pop up on corners throughout Baltimore City starting in May.


Charm City Cakes

I opened Charm City Cakes in 2002 in Baltimore’s Remington neighborhood, right near Johns Hopkins University. In addition to over the top custom cakes, we have recently opened our doors to serve cupcakes, cake-in-a-jar, and other grab and go treats. Come on by!



The high standard in Baltimore fine dining for almost 20 years. Chef Cindy Wolf continues to amaze. Perfect for a special night out.


The Dizz

The Dizz has been Charm City Cakes unofficial meal provider for 10 years and counting. Burgers, wings, beer. Good people. Real casual.



Start with Samosas, and continue on to the strong Saag Paneer. Akbar is nice option to have for folks who do and don’t eat meat.



Gertrude’s is located in a luxurious wing of the Baltimore Museum of Art in Charles Village. Look out onto the sculpture garden, as you sip a spiced Bloody Mary and dine on rich regional fare. Chef John Shield’s literally wrote the book on Baltimore seafood.


Shorty’s Pit Beef

Pit beef, cooked over a hot grill, is special to Baltimore (Google it). There are few joys greater than stopping off at the colorful shack that houses Shorty’s Pit Beef on a summer day. Don’t be afraid of a little horse radish.


Paper Moon Diner

Imagine a childhood’s worth of 1970s toys and ephemera exploded onto a the walls of a casual dining establishment. Then add a variety of new American food offerings. Sprinkle in a little punk rock and you have Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore.


Sweet Baby Jesus At Blue Moon Cafe

Eggs Benedict taken to a dangerous mid-Atlantic level. Hash browns. Crab meat. Cheese. Eggs. Don’t forget to pack some Alka Seltzer. Oh, Sweet Baby Jesus.



After a late night, it’s always good to get a greasy American breakfast. Jimmy’s in Fells Point does it right. And thankfully, you’re not far from the water, in case you have to step away at any point.


Woodberry Kitchen

Let Spike Gjerde’s Woodberry Kitchen help the set the mood for a romantic night out. A unique menu draws from regional, farm-fresh ingredients. Pure flavors and a decadent dessert should round out a lovely evening.


Dangerously Delicious Pies

If it’s not cake, then it has to be pie, and you can’t miss Dangerously Delicious Pies. I’ve known Rodney Henry for years (we played in an Elvis cover band together) and the man can bake. Don’t sleep on the savory pies!

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