The Best Rye Whiskey To Drink Right Now, According To The Masses


Rye whiskey is the whiskey that feels like advanced-level booze. There’s a lot more going in rye whiskey than your average juice, and that can be intimidating for the whiskey novice. The addition of rye grains to the mash bill (alongside barley, wheat, and/or corn) brings in all new layers of texture and flavor. Rye is deeper, bolder, and more challenging.

Picking the best rye whiskey is a journey of brown-liquor fueled discovery. But where do you start that peppery rye journey? We popped over to Ranker find out what the masses are drinking right now. Thousands of people voted and a clear top ten emerged. Did the masses get it right this time or are did they just stick to the known entities?

You’ll have to scroll down to find out. And don’t forget to tell us your favorite rye whiskey in the comments!