Bartenders Tell Us The Best Bock Beers To Drink This Spring

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In German, “bock” means goat. As a beer style, it’s commonly enjoyed in the spring (with historical associations with Easter and Lent festivities in Germany). The term is generally used to describe a strong lager, but the umbrella of bock also contains maibock, doppelbock, and eisbock (each beer style gets progressively stronger). Today, we enjoy bock style beers from February well into the summer.

Bock is a heartier, stronger beer that fits perfectly in the time of year when the calendar says “spring,” but the weather doesn’t quite seem to be on the same page. For much of the country, its a gloomy, rainy time of year and the robust nature of a bock beer suits it nicely. But bock beers are so tasty that we won’t stop drinking them once the weather finally changes and neither will bartenders. That’s why we asked some of our favorite bartenders to tell us their go-to bock beers to sip on all spring long.

Genesee Bock

Alli Torres, Bartender at Refinery Rooftop in New York City

“I have to go with something near and dear to my New York heart, Genesee Bock. It rings in the low 5.2% ABV, but still maintains a hearty body. A slightly malty finish out of an iced cold can? Spring has sprung with this Genny gem.”