The Best Cannabis Strains To Smoke If You’re Looking To Enhance Your Sexual Experiences

Smoking weed makes sex better. That’s not even really a question, THC is a vasodilator — meaning it dilates blood vessels — allowing for a quicker and better flow to the areas that need it. Above all else, it’s a major sense enhancer. That’s why music, food, and even boring people who you have nothing in common with are better, more interesting, and more enjoyable when you’re a little high. Cannabis is also an uninhibitor, it melts stresses and anxiety away and allows you to get more in touch with the physical sensations you’re feeling without all the baggage of your overactive thoughts getting in the way.

The best sex comes from awareness of not just your body but your partner’s body and the sensations you’re sharing. Weed and sex-focused weed products help with that.

Unlike booze — society’s favorite social lubricant — weed doesn’t numb you out and dry you up. Instead, THC allows you to zero-in on your senses, which you might imagine, is sort of perfect for sex. While we’re happy to sing the praises of THC’s potential effects on your sex life, it’s also important to point out that there isn’t a single strain of weed out there that is proven to increase your libido, “put you in the mood,” or turn you into a sex god/goddess — that’s not really how it works and if anyone tells you otherwise, they’re straight up lying to you.

Strain choice is important, and we’ll get to that in a second but first let’s talk about the science. If you don’t care about the studies, feel free to skip the entire next section but there is some interesting stuff.

PART I — What The Studies Say About Weed & Sex

If anecdotal evidence isn’t enough for you (but seriously, ask your stoner friends, they’ll vouch for it) there are a few studies to back up the claim that THC can be a potent sex enhancer for both men and women. A large study conducted at the Stanford University School of Medicine consisting of data collected from 28,176 women and 22,943 men, found that participants using cannabis were having more sex than their non-cannabis smoking counterparts, showing a 22% increase for men and a 34% increase in women. So even if smoking doesn’t necessarily make sex better, you’ll at the very least be having more of it and practice makes perfect!

A few studies do in fact indicate that cannabis has a positive effect on sexual satisfaction though, particularly for women. According to Psychology Today, researchers at Missouri’s St. Louis University conducted two separate surveys of adult women that in both cases found that women reported that casual use enhanced both their libidos and the quality of their pleasure. A more recent study centered around marijuana’s relationship to sexual function in women and published in the medical journal Sexual Medicine found that most women in the study reported an increase in sex drive, improvement in orgasm, and a decrease in pain with women who used marijuana before sexual activity having higher odds of satisfactory orgasms than women who reported no marijuana use. Notably, women also reported that THC didn’t necessarily result in a change of lubrication, but guess what, there are cannabis products designed to do just that.

As cannabis continues to be legalized nationwide, we’ll undoubtedly get even more studies exploring THC’s connection to sexual wellbeing. Having said that, it’s always important to remember not to overdo it.

PART II — Choosing The Right Strain For Sex

When it comes to choosing the right strain for sexual enhancement, it’s less about the strain (indica, hybrid, sativa) and more about the terpenes. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds found in cannabis that make you feel relaxed, euphoric, and relieve pain. If you like the way a certain strain makes you feel, that’s most certainly down to the terpenes.

Strains high in the terpene Limonene tend to fill you with feelings of euphoria, tamping down anxiety and depression. Linalool on the other hand is a calming mood booster that puts you in a state of relaxation and enhances your senses. Caryophyllene decreases inflammation and pain. Notice that none of them explicitly enhance sex — so what strain you choose is a very personal choice. To learn more about cannabis terpenes and their effects, check out our terpene guide here.

You may find that you and your partner would be better off using entirely different strains, depending on your role that night in the bedroom — so feel free to experiment, that’s part of the fun. The only thing you really need to worry about is getting too high which can increase sedation, paranoid, and frankly make you too lazy to want to have sex. Keep the THC% low and limit yourself to a handful of hits, not a full bowl that’ll get you blazed and make your eyes bloodshot. Bloodshot eyes aren’t sexy, fam.

Now that we’ve exhausted you with technicalities, here are 10 strains that will help set the mood in just a few hits, with a focus on strains that smell and taste as good as the sex you’re about to have.

Amnesia Haze

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Strain: Hybrid
Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene
THC: 19%

Packed with the relaxing effects of myrcene, and mood-boosting limonene, Amnesia Haze tends to produce uplifting feelings of euphoria and a boost of energy and confidence conducive to getting creative in the bedroom.

This is an ideal strain for couples who like to role-play as this hybrid strain will fill your head with new ideas and a desire to experiment. Will all the ideas be good ideas? Well, that remains to be seen, but if a good idea ends up in a bedroom failure, at least you and your partner will have something to laugh about over a second bowl before round two.

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Blue Dream

Strain: Hybrid
Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene
THC: 18%

The famous Blue Dream, with its intoxicating blueberry taste and smell, is a legend in the cannabis community thanks to its mood-boosting and mind-sharpening effects. This hybrid strain tends to get people in a relaxed state but doesn’t completely dull the mind, keeping you sharp, active, and ready for whatever comes your way.

A couple of hits of Blue Dream go a long way and the flavor and smell are so nice that it won’t be a total turn-off once things get hot and heavy.

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Strain: Hybrid
Dominant Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Linalool
THC: 20%

Do-Si-Dos is a bit on the higher end of sex-enhancing strains THC-wise, so if you’re already a heavy user this might be the best play if your tolerance is totally shot. Do-Si-Dos sports a floral peppermint scent and will melt your body into a buzz of euphoric sensory pleasure after a single hit.

Pass the bowl between you and your partner (or partners!), take a few hits, reach for the blindfold, and prepare to enter a world of shiver-inducing touch with closed-eye visuals that turn sex into a psychedelic experience.

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GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)

Strain: Hybrid
Dominant Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool
THC: 19%

You may know GSC by its former name, Girl Scout Cookies, and this famous and beloved strain is the perfect sexual enhancer thanks to its stress relieving, mood-boosting, and calming effects. So if you’ve had a rough couple of days and you’re full of anxiety and stress, take a few hits of this to melt your troubles away and get your mind ready for life’s pleasures.

Aside from the effects, GSC just tends to taste and look great, sporting bright orange hairs and purple-flecked leaves, making this the perfect weed to break over the body of your partner, you know, if you’re into the sort of thing.

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Granddaddy Purple

Strain: Hybrid
Dominant Terpenes: Pinene, Caryophyllene
THC: 17%

With its fairly low THC percentage, Granddaddy Purple is the perfect starter strain for experimenting with cannabis in the bedroom. The dominant terpene here in Pinene, has relaxing and pain-reducing properties, making this strain adaptable to any type of sex you’re trying to engage in, while boosting your senses, putting you in a relaxed state, and emboldening you to go beyond the vanilla.

Visit Weedmaps to find Granddaddy Purp at a dispensary near you.

Green Crack

Strain: Sativa
Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene
THC: 17%

We know, the name is an absolute turn-off, but Green Crack is one of the best sativa sex enhancers we’ve ever come across. This mind-sharpening and creativity-boosting strain will fill you with a buzz of energy and euphoria, perfect for long sessions in the sheets that you can stretch throughout your day. Green Crack is the perfect wake and bake strain and an ideal vacation companion.

Aside from its effects, Green Crack also sports tropical citrus and mango notes, making it a great option for bongs and vaporizers. But if you choose the former, be sure to refresh that bong water or use mouthwash after your session, there is nothing less sexy than bong breath.

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Strain: Sativa
Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene
THC: 5%
CBD: 9%

If you’re the type who likes microdosing, you probably read our proclamation of Granddaddy Purple as a low THC strain (17%) and shuddered at the thought of smoking something that strong — in which case, Harlequin is for you. This strain will hardly get you high, even if your tolerance is super low, but its high CBD and low THC content make it the perfect option for those looking to take the edge off.

High CBD strains tend to relieve pain and anxiety, so if those are particular hurdles for you to clear, Harlequin’s got your back.

Visit Weedmaps to find Harlequin at a dispensary near you.

Northern Lights

Strain: Indica
Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene
THC: 17%

If you’re all about spicy herbal flavors, flower aromas, and enhanced sensory experiences, Northern Lights is your strain. A few hits of Northern Lights (about five or six if you’re a heavy user) will send you into an instant body buzz as its euphoric effects take hold, making this an ideal option for extended foreplay sessions and sensory exploration.

Northern Lights has a time-slowing effect that will inspire you to take your time on everything, which will make you a better lovemaking partner. If any strain is going to sell you on the idea of cannabis as a sexual enhancer, it’s this one.

Visit Weedmaps to find Northern Lights at a dispensary near you.

Pink Panties

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Strain: Indica
Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene
THC: 20%

We know, the name is a little on the nose here, but whoever named this strain knew exactly why they were doing it. This strain is another stress-buster, and its tantalizing name and flowery and fruity flavor are guaranteed to put you in a good mood no matter how stressful the day has been.

But beware, Pink Panties is a high THC indica — so take it easy on this stuff or you’re more likely to hit the bed for sleep than any sort of sexual activity.

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Sour Diesel

Strain: Sativa
Dominant Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene
THC: 18.5%
CBD: 2%

Other than Harlequin, Sour Diesel is the only other strain on this list with a significant amount of CBD, which will help to melt away anxiety and pain, making this the perfect option for anyone with anxious thoughts wrecking their bedroom game.

Having said that, keep in mind that the name “Sour Diesel” is very apt, this strain has an overly pungent and chemical-infused aroma and flavor, it straight up stinks. That’s not a turn-on, so smoke this stuff with your partner outside — it’ll only be a matter of minutes before you’re hit with some cerebral enhancement that’ll have you excited to hit the bedroom. Or you know, just keep things outside. Go wild.

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Strain: Hybrid
Dominant Terpenes: Terpinolene, Myrcene, Pinene
THC: 16%

One of the weaker strains on this list (aside from Harlequin), Trainwreck, despite its name, actually provides a super chill experience. This is the sort of strain to smoke when you need a simple head change, and a few hits will have you giggling and poking at your partner as its playful effects take hold.

Trainwreck sports a flowery and herbal flavor that’ll fill the room with a deliciously intoxicating smell, so if the smell of weed isn’t a complete turn-off, feel free to light up inside so you can get to the action even quicker. Keep this strain handy for quickies and shorter sex sessions that aren’t going to occupy your whole day, the high isn’t going to last too long with this one which is perfect if you’ve got a packed schedule.

Visit Weedmaps to find Trackwreck at a dispensary near you.

Wedding Cake

Strain: Hybrid
Dominant Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene
THC: 23-25%

This list is in alphabetical order but we couldn’t find a better strain to end it on than Wedding Cake. This indica-dominant hybrid is absolutely packed with THC, so we only suggest it for hardcore smokers and heavy users, but the effects you get out of this strain cannot be denied. Its earthy and herbal flavors with hints of sweet vanilla will tantalize the palate while providing a sense-enhancing head change and a rush of euphoria with a single hit.

Plus, with a name like Wedding Cake, this strain is practically begging to come along on your honeymoon getaway or romantic weekend. If the idea of domesticity is a turn-off, Wedding Cake will still get you hella high and feeling euphoric, two ingredients for great sex.

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