Ordering Burger King On Facebook Might Be The Best Thing To Happen To Social Media

burger king whopper

Fast food is an ever-changing giant, an industry that is perpetually coming up with newer bells and shinier whistles to pull you in. They also keep figuring out faster and easier ways to get burgers (and pizza, and Baconators, and tacos) into your mouth. The king, the clown, and the little redheaded girl with the frosties are cutthroat and constantly jostling each other for a place in your mouth. Gross! Wait, not gross: these are giant corporations who have made it pretty obvious over the years that their primary goal is tasty food delivered as inexpensively as possible.

As part of that endless competition, social media is emerging as the next hot trend in fostering brand loyalty. Domino’s has twitter, Taco Bell has slack and now Burger King has embraced Facebook Messenger to help expedite orders.

The current beta of the Messenger app, lets users discuss their order with a Burger King bot and execute a variety of functions based on information in the chat. BK’s burger bot then guides customers to select menu items and pick which establishment they’re headed toward. The prompt then gives customers an estimated time, our guess is that it will be ready when you arrive.

With fast food advancements being announced every day, it won’t be long before Amazon will be able to deliver a Wendy’s robot to your doorstep. Don’t worry: Healthy options are fighting for your affection (and hard-earned money) just as hard. But it’s up to you to decide whether to give in to the pressures of staying fit and living forever.

A sample of a BK order on Messenger can be seen here:

(Via Eater.com)