Burger King’s Cheetos Chicken Fries Are Here, Whether You Like It Or Not

Burger King’s Chicken Fries have a pretty devoted following. And those Mac n’ Cheetos that hit restaurants earlier this summer were nothing short of delicious (even if the idea for them was, possibly, stolen from the Vulgar Chef). So is it any surprise that Burger King is now trying to marry the two ideas?

BOOM! Fry overload! The internet, of course, quickly reacted to Burger King’s big news. Some people were thrilled:

Others were disgusted:


While some were just downright confused about how to feel:


And, interestingly, most of the reply’s to Burger King’s tweet have a similar theme:


And even though they’re not out for broad release until Wednesday, one lucky Instagrammer has already found the Cheetos Chicken Fries in the wild:

It’s not the first time Burger King has messed with their Chicken Fries. Since the fries were permanently added to the menu last year, the company has rotated through flavors including Fiery Chicken Fries, Buffalo Chicken Fries, Jalapeño Chicken Fries and Chicken Fries Rings.

The Cheetos Chicken Fries themselves are pretty self-explanatory — Burger King’s classic white-meat Chicken Fries, covered in a Cheetos-dusted exterior. Stores will begin selling them September 14, for a limited time; a nine-piece order, which is probably more than you’ll need anyway, will set you back $2.89. It’s an odd combo, but you can bet where we’ll be come Wednesday’s launch. Here’s hoping they turn out better than that Whopperrito.