You Can Thank One Direction For Burger King Bringing Chicken Fries Back

One Direction Performs On ABC's "Good Morning America"
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Many of you probably think that you aren’t fans of One Direction. And that’s fair, their particular brand of perfectly manicured pop music isn’t for everyone. But if you’ve ever nearly overdosed on the fast-food abomination known as Chicken Fries, you have a few lads from Europe to thank.

While at an event promoting Burger King’s new line of Spicy Chicken Fries, the company’s chief marketing officer, Eric Hirschhorn, noted that the band had a significant hand in bringing the limited engagement to the menu permanently. Billboard said Hirschhorn and the company noticed a surge in mentions of the fried chicken sticks when 1D member Liam Payne sent out this tweet.

Ironically, Chicken Fries weren’t even available at the time of the tweet, so it’s quite possible that he meant “chicken and fries.” Either way, the mistake up-ticked demand for the snack and got heads at BK HQ thinking. That tweet, along with a BuzzFeed post about foods no longer in production, was enough to bring Chicken Fries back temporarily. And they’ve been so successful that they were added as a permanent fixture of the BK menu in March.

Now that One Direction has willed Chicken Fries back into existence with the power of social media, it’s only fair that the creepy life-size Burger King be added to the group as a fifth member to replace Zayn Malik. He’d be great!

(Via Billboard)