Chipotle Will Give You Free Guacamole Tomorrow


Creating fake holidays for the purpose of monetization is pretty much a beloved American pastime. Especially in the food industry. Though, it’s not like we mind. We love free food as much (if not more) than anyone. And this Tuesday, July 31st, you can celebrate National Guacamole Day at Chipotle with a free side of guac! But before you go to your nearest Chipotle and start banging your hands on the order counter like Elaine in the Soup-Nazi episode, you should know there is a catch. Because we wouldn’t want you to hear the saddest words you could ever imagine on National Guacamole Day: “No guac for you!”

In order to claim your free guacamole, you must order through the Chipotle app and checkout using the coupon code: AVOCADO. The code does not apply to in-store orders (and so this is likely a way to incentivize and familiarize customers with their online ordering system). But hey, what better way to get people to try new things than by offering free guacamole as a result? Everybody loves guacamole, but nobody likes paying extra for it! Seriously, there are few things we wouldn’t do for a little free guac. And downloading one more app is considerably less terrible than sacrificing our first borns to get it (not that we’d do that just to get free guacamole…probably).

“Our fresh, homemade guacamole has a massive fan following,” said Chris Brandt, chief marketing officer at Chipotle, in a statement. “We want to show our love for the avocado and reward our customers’ guac obsession. Plus, it’s a major bonus that you can skip the line when you order ahead with our app or at”

So stop into a Chipotle tomorrow to make all of your wildest dreams come true. Or at least, you know, all of your wildest “saving a dollar or two on guacamole” dreams come true. Which is pretty much the same thing.