Does In-N-Out Actually Suck? An Investigation


This week, friend-of-Uproxx and leader of the SoCal food cognoscenti Gustavo Arellano set the internet aflame when he wrote — in a California-endemic magazine, no less — that In-N-Out, the fast food girlfriend of every dude to ever have a soul patch, was overhyped.

Seriously, the article actually became news of its own.


Suddenly, it was as if the levees had been breached and every person on Twitter who had ever fathomed the possibility that a double cheeseburger that costs $3.45 might not somehow be the peak of haute cuisine was like TOLDJA! It was a wild few days and a welcome distraction from… everything.

Naturally, this came up in the Uproxx Life slack room, so we decided to have two writers unpack In-N-Out’s food, to try to come to some consensus. Directly contrary to their beloved editor’s orders, they spent 1000 words insulting one another and only the last 150 talking about flavor. Still, if you read on you’ll get to enjoy some sick burns (with the tiniest bit of discussion about how in the world In-N-Out gets their fries to taste so much like packing material).

As for my take, it’s a tasty burger. Not good enough to buy from the In-N-Out less than a mile from my house, which I have literally never visited. But definitely good enough to get on the way home from the desert — Palm Springs or Vegas or Death Valley — which is exactly what I did literally this past weekend.

— Steve Bramucci, Editorial Director UPROXX Life

Allison’s take: It’s not “so-so,” it’s terrible.

Oh man, that patriot who admitted in and out is bad, should get a medal of honor. Or a Pulitzer or something. Sainthood? The Pope’s been pretty cool, so I feel like he’ll be into it. All I’m saying is: God Bless “Man who gave a hot take about a burger joint on the internet.” God bless him. He. Is. A. Saint.