Get Ready For ‘Game Of Thrones’ To Return With These Awesome Recipes

Game of Thrones season seven starts this weekend! If you aren’t planning a viewing party, you should be. It’s been a long time since Game of Thrones was in our lives and the premiere is definitely an occasion to gather your friends (and enemies) to watch the show, drink some GoT cocktails, and feast upon fine Westeros fare.

Andrew Rea of Binging with Babish fame has returned just in time to save your TV party this weekend. He’s prepared three courses from Westeros and Essos that are sure to satisfy a big crowd. The menu is Purple Wedding Pigeon Pie, Dothraki Blood Pie, and Lemon Cakes. Okay, well, at least one of those courses will surely be a crowd pleaser.

Rea breaks down the pigeon and game pie into delicious layer after delicious layer. He mixes sautéed mushrooms and herbs with rabbit, garlic and onion with wild boar, and then pigeon with sautéed apples on one layer and cherries alongside the pigeon on another layer. All of that is loaded into a hot-water pie crust and baked to… pie-fection?

The cross cut of the pie looks delectable and very meaty. Rea enjoys this one more than he thought he would. And we have to admit, it looks like a winner and is certainly big enough to feed a whole crew at that party you’re throwing for Game of Thrones this weekend.

Next, Rea takes on a more pie. Blood is mixed with rendered pork fat, onions, and oats to create a kind of black pudding filling. Rea pours that into a pie crust and bakes. He spiffs this recipe up with some goat cheese and figs near the end.

Again, he’s pleasantly surprised by the tasty pie exclaiming, “it didn’t taste like blood at all! It tastes like meat!” Which, yeah, black pudding is awesome. Though, blood pie is sure to get a few raised eyebrows at your party on Sunday.

Lastly, we get Sansa Stark’s favorite treat to round out your menu for that fictional Game of Thrones party we’ve convinced ourselves you’re throwing and totally inviting us over for. Rea makes a lemon sponge, some candied lemon slices, and a yummy lemon curd. He stacks the components together for what looks like a very tart and sweet way to end a three-course meal.

So, who’s going to try one of these recipes this weekend? Check out the season seven trailer here!