If You’ve Always Wanted To Make The ‘Pulp Fiction’ Big Kahuna Burger, Today Is Your Day

Big Kahuna Burger is a mainstay of Quentin Tarantino’s film universe. Filmiverse? The burger joint appears in one way or another in Reservoir Dogs, Four Rooms, Pulp Fiction (duh), and Death Proof. The faux-franchise even crosses over into Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Til Dawn film and TV series. And according to philosophical heavy Jules Winnfield, they make “a tasty burger!”

Today we finally have a recipe for that tasty burger, so we can make our own any damn time we please. It comes from Binging With Babish — where they’ve been tackling some very important recipes from pop culture recently. Like Monica’s Thanksgiving sammy with the moist maker from Friends, and the insanely rich and decadent Eggs Woodhouse from Archer. Here Babish smashes a beef patty into a skillet, adds some American cheese, and plenty of ketchup, and voilà, the Big Kahuna Cheeseburger. Although, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that that burger has a few leafs of iceberg lettuce under that patty … A crucial component Babish seemed to miss.

Since the classic Big Kahuna cheeseburger isn’t all that interesting (although tasty!), Babish takes a little dramatic license and creates a classic Hawaiian burger. He adds some nice caramelized pineapples and jack cheese to a double patty burger all on a Hawaiian roll. It looks like a pretty damn tasty burger if you ask us.

(Though, if you’re really asking us, you should take that patty and marinate it in teriyaki before grilling it. Then you put a fried egg on there and some cilantro? That’s a true moko loko burg!)

You can watch the whole video below for full instructions!

(Via YouTube)