Whisky Is Coming — Nine ‘Game of Thrones’-Inspired Bottles Are On The Way

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10.02.18 5 Comments

Johnnie Walker/HBO

Game of Thrones isn’t coming back until next year (deep into the summer, no less), which still feels like a loooooong way away. As long as you’re waiting, might as well have a tipple — to make the dire wolf-less nights pass faster. Diageo just made that task easier with a new release of whisky to get you through those cold winter evenings with only Game of Thrones reruns at your side.

The big name here is Johnnie Walker. The iconic brand created an ice cold spirit called White Walker. The bottles have a very blue-eyed-ice-zombie feel and hold a blended scotch that’s meant to be “served directly from the freezer, echoing the chilling presence of the White Walkers.” Whisky from the freezer might sound a bit odd but it’ll assuredly be very smooth with hints of caramelized sugar, ripe red berries, and oaky vanilla.

According to USAToday, a bottle will set you back about $36 at your local liquor store, which isn’t too bad all things considered.

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