The New Chocolate Peanut Butter Twinkies Are A Bright Light In Dark Times

It’s a stock joke that Twinkies will outlive us all, but who knew that they had the capacity to evolve? You are truly Earth’s greatest creation, Twinkies.

Hostess has unveiled their latest addition to the Twinkie portfolio and it’s the Chocolate Peanut Butter Twinkie. Essentially a deluxe take on the Chocolate Twinkie (WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE), their PB-aided brethren subs out the traditional innards for peanut butter crème filling. Hostess says the move is part of their attempts to be in sync with what customers want… by mimicking 1992’s most beloved ice cream flavor.

“With Chocolate Peanut Butter Twinkies, we have paired America’s favorite flavor combination with America’s most beloved snack cake,” said Hostess Chief Marketing Officer Burke Raine in the accompanying press release. “This peanut butter-filled treat comes on the heels of our recent introduction of Hostess Chocolate Cake Twinkies and is another a prime example of our efforts to embrace consumer flavor trends.”

The arrival of the latest variation on the indestructible American icon is exciting for snackhounds of a certain ilk (yo!), but the frustrating thing is that the public hasn’t gotten their hands on these things just yet so we can’t drool over pictures beyond what’s on the box. Still, expect the reviews to start pouring in soon — these are likely to surface on shelves this week!

(Via Brand Eating)