The New Twinkies Cappuccino Is The Most Important Innovation Of Our Modern Era

There are countless amazing achievements in the modern era. The smart phone is a pretty good example (or just the cell phone itself). What would our lives be without having the world at our fingertips? Would we really be whole without Instagram and Snapchat? How else could we showcase our photos to perfect strangers?

Other examples of human creativity include: the lightbulb, electricity, debit cards, and penicillin.

But, all of those achievements pale in comparison to what has just been unleashed upon the eager world. The Einstein-esque geniuses at Hostess are launching Twinkies-flavored cappuccino. Oh, that’s right. That yellow, cream-filled, sponge cake we all know, almost lost, and still love is about to be made into a coffee.

If you’re like us, you dreamed about this day. Thanks to a partnership between Hostess and Kerry convenience, this cup of sunshine is about to show up at a convenience store near you. That’s right, it’s not a dream. All you need to do is pop into the corner store and pour yourself a cup of Twinkies-flavored cappuccino.

According to a press release, the coffee consists of milk, sponge cake flavor (whatever that troubling phrase means) and coffee. They might as well just say that it tastes like unicorn tears because it sounds like the greatest coffee ever made. Unless you’re actually a fan of the taste of coffee — in which case this probably isn’t for you. You should just stick to your roasted Arabica beans (and hipster mason jars) and leave this for the rest of us. Don’t rain on our Twinkie-loving parade.

“We are delighted to bring the iconic taste of Twinkies to consumers in a new form – that of a cappuccino,” Sharon Porter, director of marketing for Kerry Convenience said in the press release. “Kerry’s thorough understanding of the hot dispensed category, as well as the c-store channel, has allowed us to produce an operationally easy, dispense ready, high-quality product representative of the treat beloved by generations.”

Some of us don’t even have to wait for it. The coffee has already been spotted at Sheetz convenience stores and is expected to pop up at various other chains in the next few months. Obviously, a few people on Twitter already noticed the combination of Twinkies and coffee. Some love the idea, others… aren’t so enthusiastic.

This isn’t the first time Hostess has Twinkie-fied another product. Recently, the brand launched deep fried Twinkies and a few week’s ago Twinkies-flavored ice cream was spotted on shelves. Twinkie-flavored products are quickly becoming so prevalent that we might soon need to add it to the list of basic tastes. Now we can have sweet, salty, bitter, sour, umami, and Twinkie. What a time to be alive.