Hostess Is Making Ice Cream Now Because You Deserve Happiness


Finally, after months of turmoil, the world has been shown a slight glimmer of hope. Some mad scientist/genius has decided to combine two of the most magical treats known to man: ice cream and Twinkies. This unholy, delicious monstrosity of sugar-filled love is exactly what the world needs.

This is really big news. You might remember that Twinkies almost became as extinct as the Dodo bird a few years ago. Oh, how far we’ve come since then. In 2012, it was reported that Hostess Brands was closing and the world would no longer be graced with the moist, spongy treat known fondly as the Twinkie.

People rushed out of their homes to scavenge their local convenience stores to get the last remnants of this yellow, cream-filled, tubular cake (knowing that while supplies wouldn’t last, the actual Twinkies themselves last forever. The world briefly mourned the loss of one of the greatest food innovations ever created. And then…it came back. The company that owns Pabst Blue Ribbon bought the brand and put Twinkies on shelves in 2013.

Not only are we lucky enough to once again eat Twinkies whenever we want to, but now we can also enjoy them in ice cream form (finally). Back in December, CSP Daily News announce that Hostess Brands would be releasing Twikie-flavored ice cream in February 2017. They teamed up with ice cream stalwarts Nestle to create a gaggle of Hostess-themed ice cream flavors, including: Sno Balls, CupCakes, and DingDongs.

Nestle says that the flavors will be available until May at Dollar General and other random convenience stores throughout the country. The Twinkies ice cream is exactly like you’ve always dreamed — consisting of buttercream ice cream with Twinkie pieces and vanilla frosting swirls, this will likely sell out quicker than the Nintendo Switch. Get it while it’s hot (cold).

As it turns out, you may not even need to wait until February — because it’s already available in the US. How did they sneak it past us? It was recently spotted by and posted on Impulsive Buy for all to behold. If you are lucky enough to find this bit of magic, grab a few pints and relish your opportunity to be one of the first.