Watching A 100 Pound Big Mac Get Made Will Both Disgust And Delight You

The Big Mac has been a hot topic for the last few months. This monstrosity of cheese, meat and special sauce has been in the news lately because of the recent passing of its creator Michael “Jim” Delligatti.

It’s also been in the news because McDonald’s has recently announced that it will soon come in a smaller size (Mac Jr.) and a larger (as if we needed that) size (The Grand Mac). Change is good, right? Just ask the people who decided to change the Coca Cola Recipe back in 1985. How did that work out? Also, there’s been news that young people aren’t really interested in eating burgers that look like bricks made of meat and cheese.

But wait, there’s more! Strangely, only a few days before Delligatti died, Youtube sensations Epic Mealtime made their own version of the iconic burger. Instead of the normal, hand-held size, this version weighs an outlandish 100 pounds.

No strangers to over the top recipes, the face of Epic Mealtime Harley Morenstein and his team have been creating mouth watering, calorie-filled, heart-stopping videos on Youtube for years. “The Last Episode“, the gang’s take on the last supper weighed in at a ridiculous 84,479 calories. The 100 lbs Big Mac made that meal look like an appetizer.

The “100 lbs Big Mac” video begins with the most important part, their take on the infamous “special sauce”. They slather a giant bun with said sauce, add seemingly unnecessary lettuce before piling on a slice of cheese as big as a couch cushion, then patties made from 40 lbs of ground beef. The final calorie count is 192, 036. If you try this recipe, you might have to do a few extra burpies at the gym this week.