McDonald’s Is Playing With Fire And Making Changes To The Big Mac

[This is an update of an earlier post.]

Gone are the days of deciding between eating a Big Mac or running late for an appointment! The era of getting secret sauce all over your clothes while attempting to quickly scarf down a Big Mac for lunch is over! McDonald’s has heard your cries and is testing out a portable version of their world famous burger.

Meet the Mac Jr, a single-patty burger that Business Insider says was designed for the Mickey Ds fan on the go. Should be great news for active eaters after the company announced it was getting out of the wrap game. The portable burger will reportedly sell between $2.39 and $2.59. And that’s not the only burger coming to town.

For the fast food glutton who considered buying two Big Macs when one just wasn’t enough, there’s the beefier Grand Mac. The modified $4.89 burger is pretty much exactly like your ordinary Big Mac, but boasts a third of a pound of more beef, an extra slice of cheese, and a larger sesame seed bun. We can only hope it also means more secret sauce for all that bread and beef.

The Grand Mac sounds like Ronald McDonald dipping his clown shoes into Burger King’s whopper territory after BK made their own bastardized version of the Big Mac years ago with the Big King. So, it goes — spokes on a wheel and all that. Year after year, the burger wars rage on and the chains bring us things like all day-breakfast, all-you-can-eat fries, table service, and customizeable desserts. Clearly, we’re the real winners here. Us and diabetes.

The new burgers were available at McDonald’s restaurants in central Ohio and Dallas in the spring and are rolling wider this month — with plans to sell them nationally at the start of 2017. And from there, hopefully, those triple Big Macs they’re serving in Japan.

No word on when they’ll get rid of that dumb middle piece of bread.

(via Business Insider)