Pizza Can Officially Do Everything, Even Make Work More Bearable


One thing we can probably all agree on is that pizza, in all its forms, is pretty f*cking awesome. So awesome that almost every region of the world has their own ways of making it special and delicious. So it’s probably not too surprising to anyone that pizza has been proven to be a great motivator in the workplace.

Dan Ariely led a study to find out what motivates us the most in a work environment. Obviously pizza won with an increase in employee productivity of 6.7 percent. Coming in at a very close second was “compliments from the boss” with a productivity bump of 6.6 percent.

Perhaps most amazingly, the prospect of small cash bonuses actually caused worker productivity to go down. “On the second day of the workweek, those in the money condition performed 13.2 percent worse than those in the control group.” That 19.9 percent swing in productivity kinda proves that money is not the only motivating factor in how hard we work. Pizza is! All of this goes hand in hand with a 2011 study of 50 workplace studies that found being nice and thanking your employees proved a huge motivator for good hard work.

The lesson here? Be nice to your employees. And promise them lots and lots of pizza. Then deliver!

(Via New York Magazine)