Feast Your Eyes On This World Record-Breaking Mile-Long Pizza

There’s no such thing as “too much” pizza. Whether it’s a frozen mini pizza, a pizza stuffed and topped with more pizza, or just a pizza box made out of another pizza — it’s all going to end up eaten because pizza is delicious. And now, no one knows that better than the people of Naples, Italy, who now might have more pizza than they know what to do with, if that’s even a thing.

That’s because 100 chefs in Naples got together just to break the Guinness World Record longest pizza ever made with a classic Neapolitan. The whole thing measures out to 1.15 miles, or about the distance you’d have to run to burn off the calories from one slice. The enormous creation needed 2,000 kg of flour, 1,600 kg of tomatoes, 2,000 kg of fiordilatte cheese, 200 litres of olive oil, and presumably much arguing on the toppings. For reference, that’s about 4,000 times more flour than what your average pizza recipe calls for. That’s more than even Joey Tribbiani could eat in one sitting, I’m guessing.

The whole process took about 11 hours for preparation, which required five portable wood fire ovens that were specially-made to cook the carb monster. Those in attendance were even welcome to take a slice once the thing had been measured, and whatever was left was given to organizations that help feed the hungry.

Because that’s the power of pizza, one of the best foods in existence. It brings people together, breaks records, and provides meals to those who might not have one. Here’s hoping the chefs of Naples get back to making more giant pizzas for the world. After all, they already have the ridiculously big portable ovens, and what else can those really be used for?

(Via Guinness World Records)