After Years Of Success Abroad, Pizza ATMs Finally Arrive In America


Pizza is without a doubt a perfect food. It’s portable, it’s cheesy, and it pairs well with beer. Even if you’re gluten free, dairy free, or vegan, there’s still a version of pizza that is pretty damn delicious. The world might be coming to an end, but at least pizza is there to make everything suck a little less. We live in a culture where we need things right away at our fingertips. If we can watch 0ur favorite shows and movies with a click of a button, why can’t we get a large buffalo chicken pizza without having to deal with uneasy eye contact with a delivery person? Well, say goodbye to awkward glances because the Pizza ATM will now be taking America by storm.

Cincinnati Magazine reported that the first U.S. Pizza ATM arrived on the Xavier University campus just in time before the fall semester. A hungry coed can choose via touchscreen the type of pizza that they want and once they make their selection, the pizza is transferred from a refrigerated compartment to a convection oven where it’s cooked. The entire process takes roughly three minutes. Now you’re probably asking, “How is this magical machine stocked with pizzas and how much does a pizza from the future cost?” The ATM can store 70 handmade pizzas and unfortunately customization is not available at this time, but when pizzas are running low an alert is sent to an individual who is in charge of the machine and loads it up with more pies. As for price, a medium pizza is $9.

Jude Kiah who is the Assistant Vice President at Xavier told Cincinnati Magazine that it’s exciting that their university will be the first in the nation to have this available to their students, and apparently because of Xavier’s award-winning campus food options, it doesn’t taste so bad either! Kiah stated that it’s “The exact same quality pizza that’s in the dining facility.”

(Via Cincinnati Magazine)