Protect Your Christmas Tree From Your Cat With These 10 Surefire Solutions

The holiday season can be a trying time for cat owners, because while you may see a beautifully decorated Christmas tree full of beloved ornaments, a cat sees that thing they like to climb on outdoors brought indoors, and even loaded up with fun shiny toys to play with. How thoughtful of you! It’s the reason why supercut videos like this one exist of cats wreaking unholy terror on Christmas trees.

But there may be hope for the holidays, yet! Cat owner Chris Poole has put together this how to video featuring his internet celebrity cats Cole and Marmalade, outlining 10 ways of surviving Christmas with cats. Unfortunately, few of these methods actually suggest ways to protect your tree from yours cats, rather they offer up alternatives to a Christmas tree such as a decorated scratching post or festively adorned cat tower. On the other hand, you could always put your tree itself into a cage or stick it up on the ceiling to keep it away from those pesky felines, but it might be kind of difficult to put gifts under that way. Ultimately, it looks like cat owners who really want a Christmas tree are just going to have to suck it up and take the risk.

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(Via Tastefully Offensive)