This Barista’s Amazing Rainbow Latte Art Is Everything Never Knew You Needed

Earlier this week, I wrote about Hong Kong’s rainbow grilled cheese and tried to speculate what direction the Lisa Frank-colored trend would take next (bagels and donuts have already been done). Clearly, I wasn’t inventive enough, though. Because rainbow latte art, people. Rainbow. Latte. Art.

The man behind the multicolored milkfoam is Mason Salisbury, a barista at Las Vegas’ Sambalatte, who started experimenting with the technique last week. He creates the lattes by first steaming the milk and then adding dye (food-grade, hopefully!). Since then, he’s been documenting his efforts on his Instagram page, with both photos and mesmerizing videos like this one:

Aren’t they simply beautameous? According to Business Insider, the technique is called “free pour latte art,” and is used by baristas at Sambalatte as a means to perfect their latte art without wasting espresso. The dye allows the baristas to see what’s going on with their pour. Clever, no?

Training aspect aside, there’s nothing not to love about this. People, it’s time to surrender ourselves to the fact that rainbow-hued food is here to stay. Heck, maybe it’s about to become the next Pumpkin Spice. I’m totally okay with that if you all are. Rainbow Pop Tarts? Rainbow-flavored beer? Rainbow sausage links? Okay, maybe!

It’s time to stop worrying and love the Rainbow. Check out more of Salisbury’s incredible latte creations below: