Goodbye, Rainbow Bagels: Rainbow Donuts Are Here To Take Over The World

Good news for everyone who thought that rainbow bagels–which allegedly taste like lip gloss–were still just too boring to wait in line for. While the bakery that started the trend has been crushed by the demand for the things (weird, because no one you know actually wants to eat lip gloss), a new contender is rising to take the rainbow circular breadstuff crown. And this time, they’re coming prepared–at least recipe-wise–with something that none of us ever knew we wanted, but can now no longer live without: Rainbow donuts.

Sure, people aren’t lining up for the pastries yet, according to Eater, but the bakery selling them, Moe’s Doughs, has just started their run on global world domination, and the donuts (some covered in chocolate and then surprisingly multi-colored inside) which went on the market yesterday did sell out very quickly. So, who knows? By tomorrow there could be lines around the block for the things, which may or may not make you poop rainbows and glitter like a unicorn.

Are you sure you know what you’re doing, Moe’s? These donuts sound delicious (to be fair, all donuts sound delicious), but The Bagel Store had to close after New Yorkers demanded rainbow bagels as a god-given right!

(Via Eater)