This Rainbow Grilled Cheese Looks Ridiculous, But Sounds Surprisingly Tasty

We get it already with the rainbow food, people. We supported rainbow donuts, because they made sense. And yeah, those rainbow bagels were cute, if not a bit terrifying. But rainbow grilled cheese? Go home Instagram, you’re drunk.

Sold by Hong Kong’s Kala Toast, the sandwiches cost 42 HKD (around $5 USD). And that cheese you see isn’t just colored — it’s also flavored. The blue is lavender, green is basil and red is tomato; the yellow is actually a combination of gruyere, emmental, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese.

Wait just one minute. We may have spoken too soon. Maybe in our desire to not see rainbow food run rampant, we took too hard of a line on this. A rainbow bagel has no purpose or special flavor — this seems way better than that.

According to @hkfoodieblogger, the flavors of the cheeses are fairly subtle, with the basil coming through the strongest. The toast itself was crispy, but the sandwich “was also a bit oily in general. I would say the quality was rather average but we all cannot deny that it is photogenic.” Average taste but pretty looks? Expect lines around the block.

It begs the question of what’s next on this rainbow food trend train. Rainbow pancakes? That could be worthwhile. Rainbow hot dogs? Maybe not. Rainbow fries? If only EZ Squirt were still around to really top off that color explosion.