This ‘Saved By The Bell’ Pop Up Restaurant Is Doing Shockingly Well, So Get Ready For More ’90s Nostalgia

It seems like a hairbrained plot line out of the show they modeled after but Derek Berry, Zack Eastman, and Steve Harris planned every inch of their Saved by the Bell themed pop-up restaurant. They tapped into a ‘90s nostalgia we all hold near and dear and planed their every move. Dubbed, Saved By The Max, the diner in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood was inspired by the after-school go-to spot from the much beloved sitcom. Their Facebook page, the viral marketing, the scheduled appearances by members of the show’s cast: it was all part of a very carefully crafted plan.

Diners get to enjoy an appetizer, entrée, and dessert at a replica of The Max. All at a, somewhat, reasonable $35 a head. Like the show, Saved By The Max has a menu full of comfort food but here it’s offered with a sitcom inspired twist — AC sliders, Miss Bliss candied bacon, and Mac & Screech. Unlike the Max that Screech spit game, which catered to high-school kids, this version has a full bar and a late-night menu for the walk-in crowd.

Tickets are in high demand, usually selling out, and based on reports, lines usually wrap around the block for walk-in service. The pop-up was originally scheduled to shut its doors in August, but the success has compelled the entrepreneurs to keep it open through December. When asked about the success, one of the partners said “If you feel like you have a $100-idea or a $1 million-idea, just go for it,” Derek Berry told FORBES in a recent interview. “No one else sees what you see in your head. If you see gold, it probably is.” With that optimism in mind expect to see many more ’90s inspired pop ups coming to a city near you.