You Lived Your Best Life If You Had These ’90s Toys When You Were A Kid

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12.12.15 23 Comments

When it comes to toys, no decade was more awesome than the ’90s. I’m not just saying that because I was a ’90s kid, but because there just aren’t any toys out there today that can compare to an official Home Alone Talk Boy, an N64, or the commercial for Crossfire. (I want to make it very clear I’m not talking about the actual game, only the commercial — which made it seem like you’d get sent to literal Hell if you lost to the pasty white boy who had flown out of nowhere to take you down nerd-style).

Because Christmas (or your preferred gift-getting holiday) is right around the corner and some of us (me) still haven’t gotten over the fact that we totally missed out on playing with the coolest would-be gifts on the planet, we’ve put together this fun and handy guide of awesome 90s toys. These are the toys you would have traded a sibling for — it wouldn’t have been your fault, either, because  when the Bop It commands, you obey!

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